Method of Growth Factor Delivery for Accelerated Wound Healing



    • Appearance of ulcers and slow wound healing are a hallmark symptom of several autoimmune disorders including type II diabetes. Current treatment approaches rely on antiquated bandaging, however bulkiness and inconvenience often result in low patient compliance. Growth factor-based therapies have demonstrated promise in clinical trials, but the high dosing required confers a dramatic increase in cancer risk.
    • The inventors pinpointed the specific domains of the extracellular matrix protein, laminin, that promiscuously bind to multiple types of growth factors with high affinity. They demonstrated the translational implications of this discovery by engineering fibrin matrices covalently functionalized with the growth factor binding domains of laminin.
    • The invention is a wound healing therapeutic consisting of the platelet clotting protein fibrin covalently linked to the growth factor domain of the extracellular matrix (ECM) protein laminin. The resulting matrix can be co-loaded with additional types of growth factors and administered to accelerate wound healing.
    • In a type II diabetes mouse model commonly used for slow wound healing, the inventors demonstrated the capability of a fibrin matrix functionalized with the growth factors VEGF-A165 and PDGF-BB to significantly speed up wound healing relative to an unfunctionalized fibrin control.


    Increased wound closure over time in the type II diabetes mouse model db/db when treated with fully functionalized fibrin matrices. Mice were either treated with fibrin matrix alone (black), growth factors alone (green), laminin growth factor binding domain alone (blue line), or the fully functionalized matrix invention (red line).





    • Increased growth factor efficacy (lower cancer risk)
    • Accelerated wound healing


    • Wound healing therapy
    • Tissue engineering














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