Enhanced Vaccine Efficiency via an Antigen Targeting, Immune Stimulating Co-polymer



    • Vaccine efficacy is limited due to the inability to deliver in-tact antigens to antigen presenting (APC) dendritic cells (DCs) while simultaneously activating the cells in a non-toxic fashion. Adjuvants have been used in an attempt to overcome the issues of vaccine efficacy, however they are poorly soluble which results in limited immunological activity.
    • The inventors developed a co-polymer, p(Man-TLR), composed of (1) a novel TLR7 agonist for DC activation and (2) mannose for targeting antigen to DC surface receptors. Any antigen can be functionalized with the copolymer, ultimately boosting vaccine efficacy as compared to alternative adjuvants. The copolymer can be conjugated to any peptide antigen via amine chemistry.
    • The inventors demonstrated the functionality of the p(Man-TLR) co-polymer with the model antigen OVA by showing that mice immunized with OVA-p(Man-TLR) had a larger population of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells than mice immunized with OVA and the current clinical standard adjuvant CpG. They further showed that the polymer immunized mice had a larger activated B cell population and immunoglobulin titer.



    Total IgG titer for mice immunized with OVA in conjunction with either the polymer adjuvant OVA-p(Mann-TLR), OVA in conjunction with CpG antigen (OVA+CPG), the adjuvating polymer alone (p(Mann-TLR), or naive mice. Mice conjugated with the invention polymer adjuvant (far left) show the highest immunoglobulin titer as compared to the current clinical standard CpG. The polymer alone shows negligible immunogenicity.





    • Higher immune response compared to clinical standard
    • No bacterial or viral components (safer)
    • Compatible with any peptide antigen
    • Adjuvant alone is non-immunogenic



    • Vaccine development
    • Mouse immunizations (immunology research, antibody discovery)






    • US: 15/764,366 and counterparts in China, Japan and Europe



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